A Celebration that’s “Challah” ’bout Shabbat

The Challah Bake and 50 Shabbats Dinner were both part of our on-going celebrations for our school's 50th Anniversary, and both were huge successes. Read more about the events and view photos.
As part of our 50 Shabbats festivities kick-off, we started with Thursday Night’s Challah Bake. Dr. Sarah Shulkind, Head of School, welcomed our largest group of Challah Bake attendees yet - 90 to be exact - with opening words about community and celebrating our connections. The Challah Bake is a worldwide movement that was started in South Africa as a way to challenge the community to participate in one complete Shabbat together. Today, The Shabbat Project boasts more than one million other participants in 97 countries around the world, and we were thrilled to be a part of the event.

Dr. Shulkind shared, "Looking around the room, I saw mothers and daughters, grandmothers and aunts, current students and alumni, all coming together to take part in the meaningful tradition of creating dough by hand that will be baked for Shabbat." The school was grateful for the help of teachers, Heather Lipman and Marcelle Kasheri, who led the baking rituals for all the attendees. The evening led attendees through the process of creating, kneading and braiding the dough, all in preparation of baking it for Shabbat on Friday.

"The event was a huge success," added Lisa Zide, Admissions Director, who also shared her gratitude for those who helped make the night a success. "Our deepest gratitude to Mrs. Lipman and her daughter for sharing their recipe, insight into the traditions of making challot and special braiding techniques. We also are grateful for Ms. Kasheri for leading a blessing. Additional words of gratitude are owed to Nazy Zarabi and her committee Dalia Kamrava, Sherri Ghodsian, Starr Kempin, Rebecca Simhaee, Lilian Hay, Debby Berman, Karin Cohen, Mimi Berry, Linda Friedman, Karen Minikes, Ladan Yaghoubi and Hofit Moshe for the planning and execution of this memorable night.”

For many families, the Challah Bake was the first part of their Shabbat festivities, as they walked away with freshly made challah dough, ready to be baked for Friday’s 50 Shabbats celebrations, in honor of the School’s 50th Anniversary. “It was certainly a Shabbat to remember,” noted Development Director Alexandra Kadoche, who helped coordinate the evening’s festivities. “We had families from across Los Angeles sign up to host Shabbat in their homes for friends and family,” she said. “It was a beautiful evening that showed the strength of our incredible community.”

Thank you to the following for people for hosting Shabbat dinner on this special night:
Abigail Goldman and Jonathan Anschell
Juliet Azhdam
Sarah and Daniel Bedil
Debby and Alan Berman
Sheila and Omid Bolour
Tarryn and Saul Breskal
Gaby and Danny Cosgrove '83
Shannon Delijani '10
Irit Eliyahu
Julie Flapan-Feig and Rabbi Andy Feig
Shirin Shayefar and Mehdrad Forouzanpour
Jacob Hanaie
Anat Hutnicki
Joanne Itshak
Alexandra and Yaniv Kadoche
Dalia '95 and Allen Kamrava
Michelle and Joshua Lobel
Marci Maniker
Amy and Joey Miller '96
Hava and Benny Mirovski
Elizabeth Moskatel '01
Michelle '95 and Ramin Neman
Hannah Platt '04
Hannah '02 and Yos Reinstein
Rita and Fariborz Rodef
Linda Foroozan '99 and Michael Rosenberg
Dana and Evan Schlessinger
Mali Sher
Sarah and Andrew Shulkind
Bonnie and Alan Silverstein
Danielle and Reuben Simantob
Chantal '07 and Simon Soomekh
Sarah Sperling
Elysa Kahan and Danny Spiegel
Leigh and Rob Strauss
Michelle and Jimmy Taus
Cassie and Eitan Weinstock '98
Pam Weisberg
Becky and Theodore Weiss
Shoshana and Parham Zar
Jennifer and Todd Zoltan
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