Creative Commercials

As a culminating activity in Ms. Limor Barkol’s 6B Hebrew class, students were required to produce a commercial which challenged their interpersonal and conversational Hebrew vocabulary around the theme of various foods.
“Over the course of this two-week project, students worked collaboratively to create a storyboard, plan a script, record their script and add animations using a technology tool called Powtoons,” shared Ms. Barkol, who worked with Mr. Doug Hinko, Director of Innovation and Curriculum Integration, on the project.

“Over the course of this unit, students were constantly practicing their writing, reading and speaking skills as they continually found ways to make their commercials perfect,” added Mr. Hinko. During this project, students were required to utilize animation, design and problem-solving skills as they learned how to use a new tech tool.

Check out their completed commercials:


Gavin / Allen:

Rachel / Chloe:

Eytan / Tyler:

Brendan / Jonah:
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