Packing With Purpose

As 2018 came to a close, the fourth-grade students met for one last community service activity. Before they left for break, the students came together for Packing with Purpose program, at which they packed supply bags for people experiencing homelessness.
“Our small Tikkun Olam project took place after recess when the students and teachers gathered in Kohn Chapel for a brief story with Rabbi Feig,” shared Mrs. Shelley Lawrence, ECC and Lower School Director. School Rabbi, Rabbi Andy Feig, told a story of babies being sent down the river and farmers needing to figure out how to balance the need to take care of the babies with the need to figure out why the babies were being sent down the river in the first place. “He masterfully connected this parable with the homeless crisis in Los Angeles and led the students in a discussion about ways that they could help homeless people in Los Angeles,” she added.

After the discussion, the students gathered in the Hall of Builders to assemble bags to give to homeless people they see on the streets. “The students worked at lightning speed to fill their bags with boxes of Ziploc bags, wipes, socks, gloves, hats, toothbrush, toothpaste, and a granola bar,” shared Mrs. Lawrence. “Rabbi Feig and I thought it would take the students a good thirty minutes to work through all of the supplies, but they were finished in less than ten minutes,” she remarked. Packing With Purpose is an initiative of the Sinai Temple Social Action Committee, led by day school parent Sindy Paikal.  

Mrs. Lawrence added, “Not only did the students perform a fantastic act of service, but the activity also built a sense of community and collaboration among our fourth-grade students.” At the end of the project, each student and teacher walked away with at least four bags of supplies to handout in the community.

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