Alice and Nahum Lainer School offers a comprehensive, challenging curriculum in Judaic studies. The curriculum is presented in an academically nurturing environment in which students learn to think critically and to develop a life-long passion for learning.

Children from a diverse range of religious and cultural backgrounds come together at Alice and Nahum Lainer School and learn from their teachers as well as each other. Learning takes place independently as well as cooperatively. Through differentiated instruction, we met the needs of students with a wide range of academic levels, learning styles, interests, and talents.

Alice and Nahum Lainer School's bilingual, integrated learning approach to education has been recognized nationally fostering students stronger communication skills, greater executive functioning ability, provides them with better economic and employment opportunities, and is clearly invaluable in our rapidly expanding global community.

Through our comprehensive Judaic Studies program in the Lower School, students are immersed in Jewish values, heritage, texts, and language. Students learn to lead prayers, read from the Torah, perform Jewish rituals and mitzvot, connect to Israel in a multitude of ways, and take pride in being Jewish.

In our Middle School, students are intellectually challenged and supported as they journey through early adolescence; achieving independence and self-confidence along the way. We emphasize reading and writing analytically, critical thinking, making informed civic decisions, and persuasively presenting and supporting opinions.

The partnership between parents and teachers is a critical component of the Alice and Nahum Lainer School experience. Jewish education programs for school families enhance their participation in different events throughout their school years. Together we will create the bond necessary for all students to excel.

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