Physical education is an important and joyful component of the lower school program.  We focus on teaching our students the skills that will lead to a healthy, active lifestyle, and we hope to instill a love of physical activity in each child.  We emphasize sportsmanship and fair play during lessons and games.  Games and activities allow students to experience continuous participation.  In the primary grades, the students learn important loco-motor skills, such as skipping, running and jumping, as they play a variety of age appropriate games.  Healthy eating habits and learning about the body are woven into all of the games and activities.  Third through fifth grade students build on the skills learned in the younger grades and begin learning basic skills, such as throwing a football, dribbling a soccer ball and using a hockey stick, that make up the sports of basketball, soccer, baseball and football.  The students participate in games that are engaging and approximate these sports.  Beginning in fifth grade, our students are able to participate in League Sports such as basketball, volleyball and soccer.
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