Our social studies program enables students to make connections between events of the past and the world today. Throughout our social studies curriculum we seek to engage students in examining the cause and effect relationship that exists between geography and culture, as well as the role that subjectivity plays in our understanding of various cultures as we strive to develop cultural awareness and tolerance.

In the primary grades, we help children build an understanding of their place in the world. Beginning with self, family and community, the curriculum introduces children to various environments, cultures and traditions. Students develop a solid understanding of basic geography skills and what it means to be a productive member of the community.

In the upper grades, students study about time long ago and life and cultures in other regions of the world. Throughout these units, students learn about the basic struggles and triumphs of history, and discover the relevance of current events to those of the past. Frequent opportunities for simulation and hands on learning—including field trips to museums, Sacramento and more-- reinforce subjects being studied.
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