The social studies department at Sinai Akiba Academy uses a variety of investigative tools to promote independent thinking. The program is designed to promote the growth of research and study skills. Students will collaborate on a variety of group projects and activities, write historical evidence-based essays, read a wide variety of primary sources and develop analytical and critical thinking skills. The goal of the department is not only to foster academic achievement, but also to encourage individual creative expression, and a curiosity to learn about world cultures, civilizations and various forms of government.

6th Grade Curriculum
Sixth grade makes a smooth transition into middle school by introducing a variety of assignments that incorporate essay writing, artistic creations, podcasts, and performances. By the end of the school year, students will have written a formal research paper, experience in public speaking, and develop their critical thinking skills through different in class project. Specific topics include:
  • Early Man and Development of Early Societies
  • Early Empires
  • India: Buddhism and Hinduism
  • Ancient Egypt
  • Classical Greece
  • The Rise of the Roman Empire

7th Grade Curriculum 
Seventh grade involves both individual and group assignments where students display their understanding of the material in a variety of ways. In addition to writing formal research papers, students also make a movie trailor that explains the fall of feudalism, use Google SketchUp to build a Medieval castle, and write a speech about a prominant figure from the Renaissance times and perform it to the school. Specific topics include:
  • The Byzantine Empire
  • The Dark Ages and the Rise of Feudalism
  • The Rise of the Catholic Church
  • Islam: Religion and Empire
  • The Decline of Feudalism
  • The Renaissance
  • The Enlightenment

8th Grade Curriculum

Eighth grade covers the foundations for understanding American Government. By the end of the school year, students will understand how America acheived the manifest destiny and discuss what challenges were faced along with way. Students will also tracing themes from the Colonial days which caused the civil war. Classes consist of collaborative thinking and discussions, as well as group projects and essay writing. Specific topics include:
  • American Revolution
  • The Constitution and American Government
  • Early Administrations: Washington, Adams, Jefferson, Madison, Monroe
  • The Industrial Revolution
  • The Rise of Nationalism and Sectionalism
  • Andrew Jackson and the Growth of Democracy
  • Manifest Destiny
  • Westward Expansion and the Mexican War
  • The Era of the Civil War
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