The middle school Life Choices program encompasses four aspects that are vital to student's moral and physical development. Students meet in grade level groups throughout the year in sessions that discuss human development, addiction prevention, Internet safety, and Jewish Values.

Human Development
Students continue their learning from fifth grade related to human development with two outside therapists. Within male and female groups at each grade level, students discuss not only physical development and adolescence but address some important issues related to body image, eating, and respecting personal and interpersonal space.

Addiction Prevention
Students meet with an addiction prevention specialist from Beit Teshuvah. During these sessions, students learn about addiction, its causes and its consequences. Addiction is discussed in relation to drugs and alcohol, as well as to other addictive behaviors around technology and media. They also begin to discuss problems related to drug and alcohol use and abuse connecting to issues like self-esteem, peer pressure and familial pressure.

Internet Safety
Students meet with an Internet safety and ethics specialist who works with students to understand the reality and challenges of living in a digital environment. Issues related to personal privacy and cyber bullying, help lead students to make smart and safe choices while online.

Jewish Values
Students meet with the school rabbi to discuss the Jewish values underlying choices our students make in these areas. Through traditional texts, students explore the moral framework and lens through which we can make good choices about how we engage with ourselves and each other in responsible and respectful ways.
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