Middle school science focuses on learning about the world we live in through a hands-on, inquiry based rigorous curriculum. Students use the science lab, computers, microscopes and other appropriate equipment to make science an exciting and active class. We are especially pleased to be working with technology to accomplish understanding in science and especially physics through the STEM program. In this program, students integrate science, technology, engineering and mathematics to solve real life scientific problems. Students leave Sinai Akiba well equipped for the demands of high school science.

6th Grade Curriculum
  • The nature of science and the scientific method
  • The earth’s structure including earthquakes, volcanoes, rocks and minerals
  • Plate tectonics
  • The solar system, stars and galaxies
  • The nature of life
7th Grade Curriculum
  • Cells and Life processes
  • Heredity and DNA
  • Human body structures including
    • Skeletal and muscular systems 
    • Circulatory system 
    • Digestive system
  • Physics
    • Forces
    • Speed and Acceleration
    • Newton’s Laws
    • Simple machines
8th Grade Curriculum
  • Chemistry
    • Elements and compounds
    • The Periodic chart
    • How atoms bond
    • Balancing chemical equations
    • Mixtures and solutions
    • Chemical reactions
    • Acids and bases
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