Alice and Nahum Lainer School is proud to provide learning support, gifted education, and psychological support services. Our staff includes a licensed psychologist, master's-level board certified educational therapist, and a team of master's- and doctor-level special educators. Our Learning Support Program provides academic support and remediation for students from the ECC through eighth grade in both general and Judaic studies so that every student experiences academic progress and success. Services are provided individually, in small groups, and in the classrooms. We also seek to build understanding and knowledge of learning differences for students, faculty, and parents and provide communication and collaboration among teaching staff, administration, students, and parents. Academic success results in highly motivated students who develop a love of learning despite differences in their learning styles. Our program has allowed students with a broad range of abilities to receive a Jewish education and has prepared them for high school and university educations after they graduate from Alice and Nahum Lainer School. The Learning Support Program has become a model which is shared with other private and Jewish day schools in the community.

In addition to participating as a member of our Learning Support Program team, our school psychologist provides consultation to administrators, teachers, parents, and students regarding academic, social, emotional, and behavioral concerns arising in the school setting.
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