Frequently Asked Questions

List of 11 frequently asked questions.

  • How old must my child be to attend Kindergarten at Lainer School?

    Students must be five-years-old by Sept. 1 of the School year your child will enter Kindergarten.
  • How many students attend Lainer School?

    Approximately 615 students ECC-8th Grade.
  • How many classes do you have for each grade level?

    We have two classes per grade level from K-5th Grade. Our class sizes and student:teacher ratio are highly competitive with other top, independent schools in Los Angeles. The Middle School (grades 6 through 8) has a departmentalized, block schedule with roughly 50 students per grade and multiple sections for each class. Throughout the entire school, Judaic studies classes are taught by specialized teachers who speak Hebrew (most of them speak Hebrew as a first language).
  • How diverse is the School environment?

    We are proud of our ethnically, religiously, economically diverse and inclusive community. Lainer School families come from all over the country and around the world, and they reflect a wide range of Jewish observance and practice. Our families come from 29 countries around the world, and about 33% of current families receive some form of financial assistance.
  • Do you have tuition assistance?

    Lainer School has a robust Tuition Assistance program. At least $2 million in funds is allocated for Tuition Assistance during the 2017-2018 school year. To find out more about tuition assistance, please click here.
  • What is the acceptance rate of my child being accepted into high school?

    Traditionally, over 90% of our graduates are accepted to their first-choice high school.
  • What are your School facilities like?

    In addition to our beautiful, spacious classrooms, Lainer School has: a brand new Parenting Center, a bright an airy ECC including play area, one full-size indoor gym; one full-size indoor/outdoor gym with a climbing wall; a rooftop playground; a newly-reimagined outdoor kindergarten play yard and fresh-air classroom; the Lainer Learning Center and Blumenthal Library; two science laboratories (one wet lab, one dry lab); an innovation lab; state-of-the-art music and visual arts studios; a gorgeous Middle School; the Ziegler Auditorium; and the Sinai Temple Sanctuary and Chapel.
  • Do students take standardized tests?

    Beginning in the 3rd Grade, all Lainer School students complete four days of standardized testing each spring. We administer the CTP-IV, a test designed by the ERB (Educational Records Bureau).  This is the standardized test administered by most independent schools.  We use the test results to assess student progress and to help us to assess and refine our curriculum.
  • Does the School offer extracurricular programs?

    • Fine and Performing Arts: All students have regular instruction time in our music lab and visual arts studio as well as time with our Judaic music specialist. We offer elective orchestra (first through eighth grade), choir and drama. Additionally, the middle school offers a full scale production of a popular play or musical each year. 
    • Interscholastic Athletics: Students in grades five-through-eight have the option of participating in afterschool sports teams that compete in the San Fernando Private School League, including: flag football, basketball, soccer, volleyball. Games and practices occur two or three times per week here at school, at opposing schools or at local parks. 
    • C.H.O.I.C.E.S.: Our optional afterschool program offers a variety of classes for students in all grades, including: robotics, tinkering, karate, acting, painting, cartooning, scrapbooking, digital photography, music, chess, sports, cooking, cheerleading, exploring science, and more. These classes meet once a week, and there is an additional fee. Some classes are taught by our faculty members, while others are taught by outside vendors and experts.
  • What is the parental involvement at Lainer School?

    We have a variety of opportunities and encourage parent involvement throughout the school year, including:
    • Community-building events.
    • An active Parent Association.
    • Pier Night: once a year the entire Lainer School community shares a night at the Santa Monica Pier. Teachers, students, parents, and alumni enjoy this opportunity to spend time with one another having fun!
    • Tikkun olam projects.
    • Our popular Annual Event and Auction.
    • We encourage parents to be docents on our private admissions tours.
  • What is the relationship between Lainer School and Sinai Temple?


    The relationship between Lainer School and Sinai Temple, an 1,800-family synagogue in Westwood led by Senior Rabbi David Wolpe, is a positive and mutually-beneficial one. The two entities operate collectively on some ventures, sharing resources and space, and independently on others with two separate governing bodies or Boards. All Lainer School families and Jewish staff are Temple members, and as such, stay engaged with the School and the Jewish community long after they graduate. Sinai Temple gives our students the unique gift of learning and living in a multigenerational Jewish community.
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