Kathy Smith, RN

Alice and Nahum Lainer School’s Nurse Kathy Smith is a registered nurse with a master’s degree in nursing from UCLA, a BS in public health, and a background in the pediatrics intensive care unit at UCLA. While earning her master’s, she gained emergency room, neonatal, critical care and ambulatory care experience. She holds a variety of specialized nursing certificates and is a member of the National Honor Society in Nursing.

Nurse Kathy is on campus full-time and handles all administration of medication to students. Not only does she care for all our students, but also, she keeps in close contact with our parent body, sending seasonal health alerts and other information to help your family stay healthy.
As part of Alice and Nahum Lainer School's Emergency Preparedness team, she also helps keep the School prepared for emergencies, such as earthquakes.
At Alice and Nahum Lainer School, your child’s health and safety are our top priority. Feel free to stop by and meet Nurse Kathy when you tour the School.
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