Lisa Zide

Admissions Director
Lisa Zide became Admissions Director at Lainer School in 2013. Zide continues to develop and implement effective public relations, recruitment and retention efforts that support and advance the mission of the School.

She oversees an integrated program that includes the development of marketing and outreach strategies, oversees parent and student ambassadors, and ensures a welcoming presence and a makes persuasive cases for attending Lainer School.

Prior to joining the administration at Lainer School, Zide, as a parent of children attending the School, had volunteered countless fundraising hours, and co-chaired the major annual events.

Preparing Zide for the role of Admissions Director, she spent nearly two decades in the entertainment business, developing and producing television shows and movies. Her professional background in producing offers many overlapping skills in admissions work – she is organized and efficient, she communicates expertly and she keeps many parts of projects coordinated and moving forward. Zide is a strategic thinker, possesses interpersonal skills and is a creative problem solver.

She is deeply committed to Lainer School's mission.  She knows Lainer School well and can convincingly articulate what is so special about our school.  She also has a deep understanding of Los Angeles preschools and many personal relationships with feeder communities.   

Zide enjoys her time with her family, dog and bearded dragon. She relishes the outdoors, photography and good food and conversation with friends.

Zide completed PEJE’s Atidenu Program with incredible success and received her certificate in 2016 with CATDC Leadership Fellows Program. Zide is a founding member of Step Up Women’s Network, a national non-profit organization whose mission is to ignite under-resourced women and girls to fulfill their potential by empowering them to become college-bound, career-ready women.
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