Alice and Nahum Lainer School is committed to social action and the repair of the world (tikkun olam) through acts of gemilut hasadim (acts of loving kindness) and tzedakah (charitable giving). We feel this teaches a sense of both responsibility and empathy for others in the world. 

In the lower school, students engage in service learning which allows them to learn and apply academic, social and personal skills to help improve the community as well as individuals. It is our goal to develop in our students a sense of life-long responsibility to their local and global communities and create caring citizens.

Each grade level in the lower school addresses a certain theme and value centered around projects and learning:
  • Kindergarten - Protecting Animals / Tza’ar Ba’alei Hayim 
  • First grade - Visiting the Sick / Bikur Holim 
  • Second grade – The Environment / Bal Tashchit 
  • Third graders - Hospitality / Hachnasat Orchim 
  • Fourth graders – The Environment / Bal Tashchit 
  • Fifth grade – Disabilities and Differences / Mechabeid Zeh et Zeh 

In the middle school, each student is responsible for community service hours and school service hours during the school year. “Community service” is defined as hours devoted outside of the Sinai Temple and Alice and Nahum Lainer School communities. Whereas, “school service” is defined as hours devoted within the Sinai Temple or Alice and Nahum Lainer School community, such as helping a teacher, coach, library, school or Temple offices, PA, clergy, holiday preparations, etc.

Student advisory groups also plan a special service project with their advisor to execute during the school year. In the past, advisories have held fundraisers for non-profit organizations, participated in “Walks” to benefit cancer research, local organizations that help those with special needs, or national and international agencies who fight genocide, hate, and bigotry. Other advisories have visited homeless shelters and fed the hungry.
You are not obliged to finish the work, but you are not free to neglect it.

Avot 2:16
6th Grade: 5 community service hours + 1 hour of school service

7th Grade: 6 community service hours + 2 hours of school service

8th Grade: 8 community service hours + 3 hours of school service

Students who show exceptional commitment to community service and exceed their service hours requirement (15+ hours) will receive a special Tikkun Olam Certificate acknowledging their service to the community.
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