All gifts made to Alice and Nahum Lainer School are vital to the advancement of the school and the efforts to develop and maintain a challenging curriculum reflective of our mission to provide the highest quality of education for our children. Charitable gifts provide tremendous personal satisfaction as well as significant tax benefits.

Writing a check to Alice and Nahum Lainer School is a simple way to contribute. Cash and check contributions are tax deductible to the full extent of the law. Checks should be made payable to Alice and Nahum Lainer School.  

Credit Cards
We accept all major credit cards, and you can also make a credit card donation on this secure website.

Matching Gifts
Many corporations will match gifts for their employees through their own programs, thus doubling your contribution to Alice and Nahum Lainer School. Hundreds of companies support education through these programs. We will recognize your employer in all donor recognition materials And if you own your own business, gifts can be made in the name of your business.

A pledge may enable a larger contribution, and you can spread the payments over the fiscal year. The development office can set up a convenient payment schedule using either your credit card or personal bank account.

Stock and Appreciated Securities
Gifts of appreciated stock enable you to receive a tax deduction on the full value of the stock at the time of the sale, regardless of what you paid for the stock. Instead of paying taxes on the gains, donated securities can offer you significant tax advantages.

Planned and Deferred Gifts
Information about planned gifts and estate planning, including charitable trusts, bequests, pooled income funds, charitable gift annuities and insurance gifts, is available through the Development Office.

For questions about any of these gift giving options, or if you would like to arrange for an electronic transfer of stock, please email Alexandra Kadoche, Development Director, or call 310.481.3275.
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